Traveling Bear series by Winning Kids, Inc.

Traveling Bear and the Drive-Through Safari (Vol. 1)
Traveling Bear and the Yellow Flipper Roller Coaster (Vol. 2)
Traveling Bear and the Search for Treasure (Vol. 3)

Creator: Christian Hainsworth
Publisher: Winning Kids, Inc.
Genre: Children’s
ISBN: 978-1-933547-01-4 / 978-1-933547-11-1 / 978-1-933547-03-0
Price: $14.95 each

Traveling Bear website

Traveling Bear is a new learning series created by Winning Kids, Inc. This fourteen part series is designed to help children overcome obstacles, make good choices, have a positive outlook on life, set goals and have the desire to always do their best.

The series is set up so that a theme is introduced on each day of the week, and then that theme is repeated in the second week. All of the books in the series have read-along CD’s included, as well as a motivational song at the end of the CD.

In volume one, Traveling Bear and the Drive-Through Safari, the theme is building confidence to ask questions and find answers on your own. Traveling Bear is encouraged to ask questions at the safari, and then to look in a book to find those answers, rather than asking the safari leader.

The second volume, Traveling Bear and the Yellow Flipper Roller Coaster, stresses the importance of thinking ahead and trying your best. Traveling Bear and his friends need to decide how they can ride on the roller coaster, while still making it to their bus on time.

And in the third volume, Traveling Bear and the Search for Treasure, the importance of setting and achieving goals is introduced. In this story, Traveling Bear makes the decision to search for treasure, and he needs persistence to make it to his goal.

This series provides a positive message for kids, and teaches them life skills in a fun way. Kids will learn to read as they read along with the CD, and they’ll learn valuable lessons that will help them as they grow up.

Reviewer: Alice Berger